Adidas CUTS TIES With Kanye West, Will No Longer Produce ‘Yeezy’ Line After Antisemitism Controversy

Kanye West
Kanye West

German sportswear giant Adidas has cut all business ties with Kanye West after he made a series of anti-Semitic remarks. His recent comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful and dangerous, violating the company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness. Adidas said the company says they will immediately halt the production of Yeezy products and stop paying the rapper and his companies. I know you have some thoughts about this, Brianna. You were doing some interesting Googling as we were preparing for this segment.

I was. Because look, I strongly criticized what Kanye said substantively. There’s not any dilly-dallying about the nature of Kanye West’s comments.

I have. And no one has defended them except. Well, except Candace Owens. Yeah.
And frankly, some other conservatives have been asked to condemn the remarks, and they have sidestepped away from the question. People continue to support tweets about Kanye West from that that are very much on the conservative side of the aisle. Not that that condemns all Republicans. But I have an interesting other conversation that started to happen largely in some black spaces where there is concern about whether or not Kanye West is being treated differently than other people who’ve been in similar situations. So I think the first red flag for a lot of folks was Jp morgan’s choice to no more extended bank with Kanye West, which seems like an escalation of the sort that we’ve never seen, despite having gone through an entire MeToo scandal with any number of extremely wealthy, high profile people who have been brought to their knees. I’ve never heard of a bank saying. We’re not going to do business with you. Banks are considered to be sort of like taking the train or an aeroplane. You’re not you don’t expect that you’re right to to transact.

Well, I don’t know about that. We start I mean, I agree with you. This is a troubling thing to start happening. Institutions like banks are thought to be carriers. Newt is Right, exactly. But no, we saw that with no king, not specifically with banks, but with financial services.

That’s shutting down. I’m not saying that was right. That was also a problem. Right. But that’s shutting down accounts instead of saying you’re not allowed to bank with this institution anymore. That’s shutting down your ability to pay for or send money to specific movements and things like that. It’s a bit different. People, you have to bank being unbanked from a progressive perspective. And Kanye Small is violent. He’s certainly not hurting for funds and resources. But from a progressive perspective, people can’t have when you can’t access loans when you can’t put your money into a safe place when you can’t, you know, so many places are cardless and don’t accept cash. It’s a real kind of civil liberties issue to be unbanked.

Far-right figures have been shut out of PayPal-type things. Maybe not banks, but possibly banks. I mean like Richard Spencer and, like, my recently.

That this feels like an escalation of the sort people should be troubled by, so this, indeed, is a contract, which is interesting for similar reasons. And so, is this something for this kind of company? We have a long history of apparel, clothing manufacturers, and things like that, just in themselves from bad actors.

But they also probably associate themselves with people who have been bad actors at various points. I mean, for sure.

But here’s the question. Some people have chosen this moment to look at Mel Gibson’s treatment after his anti-Semitic comments as a point of comparison. And just as a reminder, Mel Gibson is accused of doing many things. He has repeatedly apparently referred to Jewish people as oven dodgers, asking Winona Ryder at a party whether or not she was, quote, a quote-unquote oven dodger, obviously a horrific reference to the Holocaust and gas chambers when the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department famously pulled him over in July of 2006. He drunk said to the officer, apropos of nothing F-ing Jews. He did not bleep out the f ing. The Jews are responsible for all the world’s worst wars. Before asking the officer, Are you Jew? He’s also not mincing words about black people. You know, there was that recording he had when he was in that abusive relationship with his previous partner. And he told her if you get raped by a pack of N-word inwards, again, he did not say N-word, it’ll be her fault. You know, those kinds of statements, and even after he made those statements, he wasn’t dropped by his talent agency in a way that Kanye West has now been dropped by CAA. He joined CAA after those kinds of remarks were made. So the question is, is that just too big a star or are there other factors going on here? But a lot.

Speaker 1 [00:04:57] Of it wasn’t much of Mel Gibson’s note. Stuff that was many years ago. If that happened today, it would result in dropping everything. There’s greater sensitivity to that kind of stuff. There’s more intolerance of that kind of stuff in the corporate world. I don’t know. You’re trying to put maybe it’s a discrepancy or not. But today, he would suffer, though.

Is this a direction that people should be moving in? Is the critique that Mel Gibson should have been held to a higher standard then and still be held to a higher standard now that his career has primarily rebounded? Or is it that banks and this kind of organization don’t have this kind of culture war?

I do have a sort of. You can appreciate the art while thinking the artist is a reprehensible kind of attitude. You can have that attitude for Kanye. You could still enjoy his music. You’re free to do so. I probably wish he would focus on creating more of it.
Similarly, Mel Gibson is repulsive. I don’t care for him as an actor. I love his film. Apocalypto is one of my favourite movies of all time. As I’ve said, it’s fantastic. It should be able to separate these things from a creative standpoint. And then, yeah, it’s right to be troubled by the Adidas contracts, kind of a different thing. He’s a spokesperson. He’s a brand ambassador for Kanye. You can understand them wanting to part with someone who is, you know, who is now several times gone out of his way. Oh, I screwed up. I said somebody should have it. I’m sorry. He’s continuing this for sure. That’s different from the financial institution, which doesn’t have a message or express an editorial view.

I’m not going to let the trade because he’s anti-Semitic, although people’s alpha.

Right. People often bring up the entourage thing. It does throw off aggressive passengers like, you know, if you don’t follow the rules of aspect, you get thrown off.
I know because I wasn’t super happy about the mask rules.
Oh, most gracious.

I mean, spirit or do you roll your eyes at me before you go? No, I’ve never been thrown off of Amtrak, etc. That was someone else, as of this recording year, who has yet to respond to the Adidas decision. We’ll continue to report on any more developments. More rising after this.


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