Amber Heard broke the silence after losing the case against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard

Actress Amber Heard has broken her silence after losing a defamation suit against her ex-husband and world-renowned Hollywood hero Johnny Depp.

“It’s hard to put into words the frustration I’m feeling today, I’m heartbroken that the mountain of proof is also fighting my ex-husband’s disproportionate power, and influence,” Amberhardt wrote in a statement on Twitter. That was not enough.

“I am even more disappointed with the impact this decision will have on other women,” she said.

The actress said in her post that this is an unfortunate incident that has pushed women back to the era when women who raised their voices for their rights and atrocities against them were silenced by ridiculing and embarrassing them. This decision has come as a shock to the voices against the oppression of women. I am also saddened that I have lost this case but I am even more saddened that I Have lost the right that I once had as an American citizen.

Actor Johnny Depp said in response to the allegations against him that “the allegations of domestic violence and sexual harassment against me are very brutal.”

Johnny Deb, 58, was married to Amber Heard, 36, in 2015, which lasted only until 2017.

Amber Heard filed a lawsuit against her husband, Johnny Depp, in 2016, alleging domestic violence.

Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Kate Moss also testified in favor of Johnny via video link during the hearing of the defamation suit filed against Johnny Depp’s Amber Heard yesterday.

The American model has denied the allegations against her ex-boyfriend, saying that the allegations made by Amber Heard against Johnny Depp are false.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

In this case, Kate Moss said that during a trip to Jamaica, I slipped down some stairs due to rain and injured my back.

American model Kate Moss said that Johnny Depp had given me a lot of medical help in case of injury.

He further added that Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard’s claim that he and I had the same story was false.

It is to be noted that Kate Moss said that the statement made by Johnny’s wife that both of us have been tortured by Johnny, this allegation is completely false and untrue.


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