Who is the real heir of Amir Liaquat’s property? A big statement of the police came to light

Who is Amir Liaquat's property?

The grief over the death of Amir Liaquat Hussain, a well-known host of Pakistani showbiz and a member of the National Assembly, has not gone unnoticed.

Amir Liaquat is survived by his two ex-wives and a current wife and two children.

But the question is who will inherit their property?

In this regard, the police officials said that no heir of Amir Liaquat’s house or property has come forward yet.

Police have sealed Amir Liaqat’s house and officials say the house will remain sealed until the investigation is completed.

Police say the house will be reopened only after the final forensic report of the scene is received.

Police officials told private TV that no claimant of the house or property has come forward yet, the house will be handed over to the real heir of Amir Liaquat.

According to the police, according to the data obtained from NADRA, the real heirs so far include son Ahmed and daughter Dua.

Paul C claimed that the divorce papers of first wife Bushra Iqbal and second wife Tobia Anwar are in the records of NADRA while the divorce papers of third wife Dania are not registered.

It should be noted that Amir Liaquat has been denying that he has left or divorced any of his wives.

Police also said that Amir Liaquat’s third wife Dania had filed for divorce in a Bahawalpur court. The record will be updated only after the divorce and the degree of divorce have been determined. Can do


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