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Babar Azam records

103, 105 *, 114, 57, 158. These figures are for the last five innings of Babar Azam. Four centuries in five innings and another innings in between in which he scored only 57 runs.

Babar Azam is in such great form at the moment that even his half-century seems to be a failed innings. Such records belong only to Sir Don Bradman, but that was a different era. Babar Azam is often compared to Virat Kohli whose record he is now breaking.

In 2019, when a journalist compared Babar Azam to Virat Kohli after his brilliant innings, Babar Azam said: “This comparison is not appropriate, I am just an ordinary player, Kohli is a legend.”

Babar Azam, whose nature is full of humility, would still call the comparison with Kohli meaningless, but if any other player continues to break the world record of any player, there will be debate and comparison. Will be.

Babar Azam scored a century against West Indies on Wednesday. Babar Azam scored 103 off 107 balls in reply to West Indies’ 305 and gave Pakistan victory by 5 wickets. This was Babar Azam’s third consecutive century. He had earlier scored two consecutive centuries against Australia.

This is the second time Babar has scored three consecutive centuries. He has previously scored three consecutive centuries in 2016. The name of Babar Azam has become a record of scoring three centuries twice in a row.

The record for the fastest 1,000 runs as captain was also held by Virat Kohli who accomplished this feat in 17 innings. It took Babar Azam only 13 innings to reach here. As captain, Babar Azam has scored 1005 runs in 13 innings with an average of 91.36 and a strike rate of 103.

Great batsman Don Bradman has averaged more than 90 runs in his entire career. Babar has been scoring runs at an average of over 90 for the last few years.

Babar Azam’s superb batting has put him at the top of the ICC rankings for ODI cricket. He is also number one in the ICC T20 rankings.

baber and rizwan

In a recent cricket show, when former Pakistani cricketer Aqib Javed was asked who he thinks is better than Virat Kohli and Babar Azam, he replied that both the players have equal talent. While Babar Azam is on the cusp of his performance, it is time for Kohli to come down from the cusp. He is no longer batting with the strength he is known for.

Aqib Javed’s statement also shows the truth if we look at the fact that Kohli has not scored a century since November 2019.


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