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Every expecting parent’s nightmare. But a dream come true for every parent with a congested newborn. So if you want to know how this works and how we overcame our fear of using it, make sure you stick with me to the end. My wife Amanda and I help save you time and headaches with parenting tip videos and baby product reviews just like this one. So if you’re new, With that said, let’s get into the news, Frida, and how it works. This is something that I believe every expecting parent looks at and says. There is no way I am ever using that thing, including my wife and me. We both looked at that and said, We’re not even putting that on the registry like we don’t want this. And, of course, some otherwise parents gave it to us at the baby shower. And we had this sitting in the closet for a long time. It was just sitting there among everything else until about four months when our son was congested. And we tried everything we possibly could and did everything the doctor said to do to avoid using this. And it was three, four in the morning. He was not waking. He was not getting to sleep. He was crying and stuff. And we said, forget it, we are trying this. I remember going in and saying, ” Oh boy, okay, here we go. Like, how does it work?

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Complete Guide how Baby Vac Works, How to use ?

So here is how it works. And this is how we had to learn on the spot the nose. Frida is essentially three parts.

YouHave this straw, or it’s a little more than three parts, but you have this straw, this little mouth spout right here. You have this tube that does all the work, sucking up the snot. And the most crucial part, this is the part that can cover everybody’s fears about any snot ever coming up and reaching your mouth, is that there is this little filter right in here. Do you see that filter right there? We got it to focus called this filter right here. That is what saves anything from getting to your mouth. In reality, it hardly ever reaches this spot on this on the nose, Frida. But this filter, this filter right here, should cover all your fears about using it because this thing keeps anything from coming in. And like I said, it rarely ever even touches this. This filter is interchangeable. We Recommend I’ll get to that at the end.

We are putting in getting replacement filters. You could replace these as often as you want. If you think anything touched it, you could replace it. Actually, we recommend replacing it any time anything touches any kind of water liquid. You clean it out, gets wet, just replace it. We put links in the description in the show notes below that you could check out for the Nose, Frida, and all the replacements and the saline spray, and all of that. All right, so it connects like this.

If you have these parts, you could get the kit that comes with the saline spray. We recommend using the saline spray first because it helps loosen up, loosen up. Anything that’s in there it’s natural. It’s pretty much just saltwater in on whatever natural mist. This is good to kind of help break. Up a lot of that inside of the nose before you use this nose for you. Now, you don’t have to. You could use the nose free without it. We’ve found it helps a little bit. So we would spray in here about a minute or so before actually sucking it up. Unless it’s pouring out of their nose, then this is super easy.

Now our sun is not sick nor congested right at the moment, so I can’t really demonstrate for you on him, but I’ll show you basically how it works. Okay. You want to take this tip right here, and you want to put it right onto one of the baby’s nostrils, exactly where it completely covers the nostril. Then you put this part in your mouth, and you suck it.

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You don’t want to like over overly suck,

Like that’s going to, they’re going to start crying. And you want to try a couple of different, different times where you want to suck in, and it’ll, it’ll pull that out fairly quickly, actually way faster than those little syringes that you try to use that you sit there for hours trying to get it out doesn’t come out right. That’s why this works. Then you go in, and in the next natural, you’ll start to see it fill up. You begin to see it fill up inside of here. And in reality, it rarely ever gets beyond here in the middle, rarely ever. I’ve never seen it in our time of using it. Our son is over a year old, three months or so, and I’ve never seen it get past this point. I’ve never. And you could hear him crying in the background.

See, he sees this, and he’s like, No, right. They don’t love it, but they love what happens after it. And we do, too, because we can get some sleep. They could rest. They could breathe, even if it’s just momentarily. That’s basically how this works. We recommend like we said, along with this and along with the filters, you can get replacement filters. They look like these little, little holes. And you just push out the filter just like this. You can pull the filter out right here. You can see we’ve used a lot of these. This is not our this. This box comes with a number of them. There’s more in here, so it’s worth it. We’ll have links for this below too. Always have these on hand because you never know if your baby is not congested, not sick, for

For a while, like going throughout the summer, a baby has been fine. Now it’s winter, fall, fall, and winter months. It’s going to happen at some point. Best to have them on hand with the saline spray and your nose. FRIEDA Now, power tip. If you’re a couple husband and wife, you should probably have two of these. Now, we had one to start with because, again, we didn’t want to get the nose, Frieda. We had no plan for it. We were gifted it, and we’re thankful for it at this point. But we recommend two of these because Amanda and I both got sick in February, and we wanted to avoid continuing to cross-contaminate ourselves, with both of us getting our sicknesses. So we bought two of these and labeled whose was whose. This is just so that when we’re

Sick, we could still do it right. We could still clear out his nose, and it was cool. So that is why we recommend you get two of these. And hey, if anybody’s watching your baby, I know they might not want to use it, but you should probably, like, if you have a babysitter or something and your baby’s congested and they’re willing to do it, get them a nose, Frieda. It makes life easy. Your baby’s already used to it at that point, and you could have it. We’ve done that before. It’s helpful to have it there because if they’re watching the baby, let’s say overnight, and they’re congested, they may need to use this, too. And actually, we talked to a doctor, ones who told us that they saw like, I think, a nurse from Russia at one point, older, the older nurse goes up.

To a baby and just suck out the snot from their nose, their mouth. Right. This is something that’s done across the world. And so it’s not as gross as that. Like, that’s pretty gross. You are kept safe. As I said, no snot reaches here. If it does catch your block, it will not make it up here. It does not come out that fast. It’s not like water, where you would suck up water in a straw. It’s a little thicker, and you’re safe doing that. I’d love to know. What questions do you have about the nose, Frida, or just about a congested baby? Let me know in the comments below. We also recommend boogie wipes which are these little wipes. Here, I’ll put a link in the description for the boogie wipes. Those are good. Just because they

Got saline on them. You could wipe the nose in the morning or after using it to clear it out. It just gives extra saline and keeps the nose moist and wet. We’ve got another video about ten tips on how to help your congested baby. You can check that out right here. Or another video from Parent Pacifier right there. Thank you for watching. And we look forward to seeing you in the following video.


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