Dananeer and Kartik Aryan chat leaked | Leaked Chat of Kartik and Dananeer

Dananeer and Kartik Aryan chat leaked

Renowned Pakistani showbiz actress and social media activist Dananir alias Party Girl has leaked a ‘chat’ with Bollywood star Karthik Aryan.

This chat was shared by none other than Dananir himself, and at the same time, he told his fans that this response of the Bollywood actor made his day better.

It is also worth mentioning here that the screenshot of the chat that party girl Dananir shared in her Instagram story, has hidden her message and Kartik Aryan’s reply.

It should be noted that this month Kartik Aryan’s film ‘Bhool Bhalia 2’ was released which has broken many records of success so far. When actor Karthik Aryan shared the teaser of the movie on his Instagram story, Dananir replied to his story, to which Karthik replied the other day.


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