100% Free Visa Card without Bank Account In Pakistan 2022

Here is the complete guide that can help you to get a Visa card for free in Pakistan, As you, it’s very difficult to find a visa or MasterCard in Pakistan for Online shopping such as on Google, Amazone, and other al international site.
But here is the solution we will provide you with the card that will be working on all international sites. You can buy anything from anywhere.
Most Pakistanis are by default not qualified to get a credit card in Pakistan. They (read: banks) tell the commoners that an individual must have a salaried job, a sizable income, an office address, a verifiable home address and what not to get a credit card. Here i”ll show you how you can get a free Visa card without a bank account. There are no monthly charges and other tex issues. You can pay online internationally. Here is some benefit of this card you can read.

  • 1: No Fee
  • 2: Physical and Virtual Card
  • 3: Free Delivery
  • 4: 100% Free
  • 5: International Payments
  • 6: Deposit money through easy Pisa, Jazz Cas.

Its totally free, you dont need to pay for this, even you will get your card at home with the zero price.

How to Get Visa Card in Free

So lets began First of All you need to Download the application from play store which link is provided in the below, named by Nayapay, this is the latest service in Pakistan, But its ammazing.

1:Download NayaPay APP , then just wait to install the app and open it.

2: First you will see the register button click on the Register button. then you wil be asked for some basic information such as name and email.

Naya pay app register

3: After typing the phone number, the otp will come to the number which you puted here.



4: Then you will be ask to choose your naya pay id and password complete it.

Naya pay app


4: Then click on the Start Making Payment Payment

naya pay app

5: Here you have to write your full address on which you want to receive this card.


6: You will then be asked to take a selfie.

7: They will then scan your card and place it under the camera.

aya pay free visa card

Then wait for one hour for verification they will verify your application ofter verfiction you can order a card. Simpy click o Cards from below menu.


So guys in this article we told you how you can get a free visa card while living in pakistan. Hope you understand the whole method. If you still don’t understand, You can watch the video above. In which you are told how to apply for a free credit card in pakistan.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.


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