Suggestion to include a young man who caught a tear gas shell in the national team

The real independence march of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) saw a unique scene, where a young man caught a tear gas shell fired by the police and threw it to the other side.

Yesterday, a shell fired during a shelling at Bati Chowk in Lahore hit the ground and bounced back into the air, which was grabbed by the protesting youth and thrown away from the protesters.

The interesting video went viral like wildfire on social media, with many comments being made by Tweeps and netizens praising the young man’s courage, bravery and ability to catch catches.

Not only social media users but also Shanira Akram, the wife of former national cricket team captain and Sultan Wasim Akram of Swing, could not help but be impressed.

Sharing a video of the young man on his Instagram, Shanira wrote, “Look what a catch, find someone and add him to the national team.”

One user even said on the basis of personal experience that he must belong to the student organization, check his bag and salt will also come out.

While it was also suggested that the young man should be fed instead of Hassan Ali.

One user even praised his celebration style after catching the catch.


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