Famous Golfer Tiger Woods named the world’s third billionaire athlete

    Tiger wooda

    According to the latest report of Forbes Magazine, the famous and legendary golfer Tiger Woods has become the third billionaire athlete in the world.

    Tiger Woods has built an empire away from his game of golf, earning millions of dollars in addition to his sport as an advertising and brand ambassador for well-known companies.

    So it is not surprising that he will eventually beat the Nine Zero Club.

    According to Forbes, Tiger Woods, 46, is estimated to have a combined net worth of at least 1 billion dollar, making him one of only three billionaire athletes in the world.

    Tiger Woods joins Michael Jordan and LeBron James as the other two athletes, the last of whom was valued at more than 1 billion last week.

    According to a Forbes report, Woods earns only 10% of his total revenue from sports, while the remaining 90% comes from advertising.

    In addition, Woods acquired the design and ownership of the course.

    According to Forbes, TGR Design, TGR Live (an event company) and TGR Ventures are part of Woods’ portfolio.

    Tiger Woods has been included in Forbes Magazine’s list of highest-earning athletes 10 times before.

    Tiger Woods has only played in the Masters and PGA Championships in the last few months.

    Woods did not participate in any tournament during the 2021 calendar year, the only figure that would make him the 14th highest paid athlete in the world.

    Remember that last year Tiger Woods also had an accident due to which he was away from the golf course for many months.


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