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yoni oil

We will have a little conversation about feminine hygiene because I am a mental health therapist, holistic nutritionist, personal trainer and wellness coach. I’m branching this out under my wellness, coaching and lifestyle, part of the services and education I’m offering to folks. And so, to get right into it about how to use yoni oil, we’ll cover that. But please feel free to hit me up in the comments. If you happen to be someone who didn’t learn everything that you maybe could have learned from the adults in your life, so the mother figure in your life or any adults around you around how to care for your feminine health and hygiene or national health and hygiene more specifically, because that is something that I can relate to. So I have been obsessed for years to fill in the gaps as far as the information that is useful for me to really practice great hygiene and to cherish the body. So today I want to talk a little bit about yoni oil and why we use it and why and how not to use it. Because I’ve read hundreds of articles. I actually use this goddess Yoni Oil, which is from natural herbs, a Richmond, Richmond-based, black-owned, holistic herbal store. And I believe they do online shopping. I’ll try and put a link below for you, but this is what it looks like.

Why we use Yoni Oil?

you can probably get the same benefits of increasing your lubrication from doing a yummy sting. So why would we use yoni oil? One reason. So let me back up a second to say, well, what does Yoni even mean? It’s an African term for vagina, but the yoni oil is great to use on your mom’s pubis or pubis, which is your Cuba’s human bone.

So, where you have pubic hair primarily growing, you would want to apply it to your skin that is located there and to your labia majora, which is the outer lips of your vagina on the inside. Still, your outer lives connected to your mom’s pubis are pubic bones. You can also apply the oils there and some basic reasons you would want to apply the oil. Depending on the blend, it can help with ingrown hair growth and remove that, especially if you build a good 72-hour hygiene routine. I did a article a long time ago about how to make a vaginal sugar scrub that size for ingrown hairs. So if you are curious, I can try and maybe like that below if you’d like, and then some other things.

Yoni Oil Benefits

So if you are curious, I can try and maybe like that below if you’d like, and then some other things. I have it written here. Some other points I wanted to make quick, just like for grooming, shaving, waxing, whatever you’re doing with your mom, use your mom’s pubis pubic bone area. That’s great for the skin and the growing process because generally, in any area of your body that you are shaving or waxing or doing anything with or moisturizing the skin, it’s perfect to go ahead and consider the genuine care of your skin there. So I would recommend that you also use this as a part of your grooming regimen. So waxing and then the oil and then also a scrub would be ideal for helping keep your pubic bone. Pubis. Very nice. And another thing that I like about Yoni Oil is just simply paying attention and caring for a part of your body that maybe is underrepresented or not necessarily on your radar to attend this way. So like giving yourself a face mask just to beautify your face.

So giving yourself a sugar scrub, you know, grooming however you like, as well as moisturizing the pubic bone area of your skin, your labia majora is also just as well like care. And so when you care for something, it feels nice. And I don’t know how else to say it. Like you just feel like you’re taking care of yourself. And so it’s perfect for getting into the habit of doing, especially if you. Ah. Woman, you have menstruation, or you die. It’s just a matter of self-care. So I recommend it to most folks. I love it. Of course, you can talk to your colleagues if you feel it’s necessary, but you can also trial and error the oil and make sure you read your labels. Also, make sure you understand how your skin is going to respond to certain things. Like My skin is not going to do well with coconut oil, so of course, I’m not going to pick out a yoni oil that has coconut oil in it.

I’m probably not going to pick a yoni oil that has lemongrass or citrus in it because that’s not going to work for me. So you also have to think about what is in the ingredients and make sure the ingredients are going to be safe for your skin. And you can also do a spot test where you just do a little drop or two and see how that goes, give it 24 hours and then decide from there how it works for you. So there are a lot of ways you can do this to make sure you’re doing it the right way and slowly adding the yoni oil into your hygiene practice. And I’m just checking here to see if there’s anything else. Okay. So another thing about just general health for your vagina is to probably make sure you have a habit of taking a bath at least once a week because, in my opinion, I’m not a medical doctor. Still, when you take a bath, you can thoroughly clean and cleanse your vagina completely versus when you shower. And, of course, you can shower, but the water’s always trending down. So when you’re in a bath or your vagina is submerged completely in water, so you can do a deep cleanse without having to like scrub or put a bunch of soap and all that down there because your vagina is naturally self-cleaning but water. And that’s a great tool to get in your hygiene practices. Well, and I do believe that maybe all of the key things that I wanted to say about yoni oil.

I also have been thinking about doing a video for at-home Yoni steaming in case you’re curious, head me up in the comments below, and I can put one together for you. And what else? Is there anything? Almost. The only. Oh, and I also have yoni eggs at home, so if you’re curious about that, just let me know in the comments, or if you’ve tried any of the three, let me know how it’s gone for the use of tried uni oral. If you try and don’t eat eggs or Yoni steaming, let me know in the comments below. If you have a cool method for practising your feminine hygiene self-care routine or vaginal care routine, in the comments below, you never know what may help the next person because some folks don’t get that education at home or from their family. So maybe you can be somebody who helps with your work too. So hit me up in the comments below. And, of course, if anyone is interested in working with me 1 to 1 for a holistic lifestyle, lifestyle guy lifestyle coaching, then go ahead and book your free 20-minute wellness consultation with me. Or we could talk over the phone about your health, wellness and lifestyle goals as I take on a few more online clients clients for the fall season. So put me up there and let me know if you have any questions.


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